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In 701 A.D., the only empress in Chinese history – Wu Zetian declared the reign title of that year “Dazu”, in the hope of “a prosperous world”. 57 years later, her great-grandson Emperor Suzong ordered the setting up of the county of Dazu and its name never changed since then. During nearly 400 years from later Tang to Song...
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Mineral Resources Economic Development Special and Famous Local Products
The Baodingshan Grotto
The Cliffside Carvings at Baodingshan were created under the supervision of ZhaoZhifeng, a famous monk in Southern Song Dynasty, in more than 70 years...
Longshui Lake
Located under the foot of Mt. Bayue, the Longshui Lake is 15km from southern Dazu. It is an artificial lake established in 1958, with water area of over ...
National Forest Park of Mt. Yulong
Mt. Yulong Forest Park, featuring high and steep mountains, strange shapes of mountains, dark green bamboo sea and towering pines and cypresses...
Tourism Service
Regional Environment
Dazu, the "window" and "portal" of Chongqing, is located in middle Sichuan-Chongqing Economic Area, where is metaphorized as a bright pearl in Chengdu-Chongqing...
Favorable Policies
The following policies in terms of collection of relevant fees will be provided to foreign investors within one year after signature of investment agreement ...
Whole-process Agency
(I) Responsibility
(II) Scope of Service
(III) Contents of Service
(IV)㎝ode of Operation
(V)Mode of Whole-process Agency
(VI)Handling Procedures for Whole-process Agency
Industrial Park
The special provincial-level (municipal-level) Dazu Industrial Park, located in Longshui and Youting Town of Dazu County, was approved by Chongqing Municipal Government in July 2003. ...
Service Organs
Investment Promotion Bureau of Dazu County

Management Committee of Administration Service Center of Dazu County